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New Life Church History

Our Vision

Without a membership and even a place to worship, Pastor Weldon Johnson went to the Cambridge community in late December 1989 to scout the area for a building to use as a meeting place for what was to become New Life AME Zion Church.  A facility on Pine Street was secured to be rented.  This place was in dire need of repairs, but Pastor Johnson, family and friends were excited about having found some place in which to worship.  Pastor Johnson, Lady Jacqueline Johnson (his wife) and friends of the family converged on the site with brooms, mops, cleaning detergents, air fresheners, and even oil heaters, early Saturday to prepare the place for church on Sunday.  By early afternoon, the group felt that the place was ready for service the next day.  On Sunday, January 7, 1990 birthed the new congregation.  New Life had its humble beginnings on 703 Pine Street in Cambridge, MD.  Pastor Johnson along with Lady Johnson and their daughters, Deborah and Margie, and son Darryus made up the first congregation.


Later, other members included a few faithful folk who found a love for the church and had a desire to serve the Lord.  Since then, Pastor Johnson has held fast to his call and continued to minister to those who came, sometimes just to visit and ended up making New Life their church home.  The church is growing with a diverse membership; many travel from various locations to be a part of our church family and from various denominational backgrounds.  Then in 1993 the church relocated to 642 Washington Street in Cambridge, Maryland.


The church roster has grown from five (5) members in 1990 to approximately one hundred (100) active members today, with many auxillaries in which members can become a part in helping to build and nurture the body of Christ.  In July 2006, the church name was changed from New Life AME Zion Church to New Life Christian Church and Ministries, Inc.  We are presently located at 923 Phillip Street in Cambridge, Maryland.


The church is alive with the Spirit and filled with music and the sounds of joy.  We realize and acknowledge that our distinctiveness comes from God and fro that we are grateful.  The atmosphere in the church is filled with excitement because God is good enough to us to cause us to be excited.  New Life continues to grow under a leader with a vision and who believes "when praises go up, blessings come down!"  

Our Mission

"Where there is no vision, the people perish."  Proverbs 29:18

We believe that we are made disciples to go into the world, reaching, teaching, and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  We delight in nurturing individuals spiritually, as well as serving and caring for all people.  Therefore, New Life will help the community realize their inheritance in the earth and become partakers of God's divine plan.

  • To become a church, ever flowing in the Spirit and operating in the gifts of the Holy Ghost

  • To nurture all people to Christ-like maturity

  • To restore and strengthen family values

  • To acquire and preserve Real Estate for the building of God's kingdom

  • To move beyond a shout and a praise, into divine destiny and revelation through the teaching and practical application of God's word

  • To offer opportunities for spiritual empowerment, enrichment and renewal through the Holy Ghost

  • To edify the church, equip the saints and evangelize the sinner with purpose, power and praise

  • To model care and compassion toward all people and Christian religions

  • To be a representative for Christ, in our community, state, and nation

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